Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo


New e-tool to encourage inclusion of SME in standardization

Do you want to learn about standardization in a quick and easy way?

SMEs make up more than 20 million enterprises in Europe. They employ more than 80 million people. Despite these facts, SMEs and especially micro enterprises still do not play a leading role in either creating or using standards. Standardization in fact provides all companies, also SMEs, access to the state-of-the-art technology and creates a level field for entering the market and introduction of new products and services.

In close collaboration with the international, non-profit organization Small Business Standards (SBS), which encourages SMEs to get involved and express their interests in standardization, CEN and CENELEC have developed a special e-tool to enable users to learn more about standardization. The tool should foster active approach and involvement of SMEs in standardization and help them express their interests, needs and opinions and so ensure a better business environment for their activity.

This eLearning tool for SMEs consists of six modules with individual subjects. Each module begins with a review of the learning targets, followed by an animation that explains the subject based on a real situation. After the animation, the user can read more about the subject and finally test his/her knowledge. It is possible also to print a Certificate of Achievement after the completion of modules.

The eLearning tool is available at the CEN/CENELEC website in 23 languages. Users can just select the desired language and read more about:

  • What are standards and what do they mean for your company?
  • By whom and how are standards developed?
  • Why should you use standards?
  • What can you gain from participation in the development of standards?
  • How do you find a specific standard and how can it be applied?
  • How can you influence the content of a standard?

There is an extra module providing case studies about the benefits of participation in standardization and the use of standards.

Source: SME Newsletter Issue no. 34 – June 2015

Do you want to learn more? Do you have any specific questions? In this case, you can contact the SIST Contact Point for SMEs SIST, a member of the CEN/CENELEC network.

Every country has a national organization for standards and a national service to help SMEs. There is a network of 42 national helpdesks for SMEs the aim of which is to simplify communication among SMEs and members of CEN and CENELEC respectively.

All services to help SMEs in the network offer the same support. National standards organizations are there to help SMEs in their national language and in accordance with national situation or legislation.

Slovenian small, medium and micro enterprises should contact the national standardization body SIST or its SMEs Contact Point.