Objectives and mission

  • improve the reputation and recognizability of SIST,
  • improve the information system in order to provide technical support to SIST's bodies, technical working bodies and sales of SIST standardization documents and services,
  • maintain full membership in the European and international organizations for standardization, by maintaining the SIST cooperation processes with CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO and IEC, and train the members of technical working bodies on the procedures of national standardization as well as rules of participation in the development of European and international standards,
  • improve cooperation with the Ministries in order to provide information on the preparation and changes of technical legislation and conformity assessment procedures by training the representatives of Ministries in application of standards in regulations, and the use of prescribed procedure of notification of standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures, 
  • increase our income by selling standardization documents, providing information services and organizing seminars with participation fee.