Technical Legislation

The Notification Contact Point for technical legislation has been operating at SIST since 1997 on the basis of the Decree on the notification procedures for standards, technical regulations and conformity assessments (RS Official Gazette no. 19/2014). Through this Decree, Slovenia has transposed into its legal order the provisions of the European Directive laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of standards and technical regulations (Directive EU 2015/1535), and WTO/TBT Agreement.

The notification procedure in the field of technical regulations and standards is aimed at the prevention of technical barriers to entry of products into foreign markets that could arise from different requirements adopted by the EU and WTO Member States.

In the obligations related to notifications on technical legislation documents in preparation in Slovenia, all competent state authorities who start the preparation of a standard, technical regulation or conformity assessment procedure, shall take part. A state authority who starts the preparation of a document shall notify to that effect the Contact Point on a prescribed form. The form comprises all the necessary data for notification in line with the Directive (EU) 2015/1535 and WTO/TBT Agreement. The Contact Point then carries out the notification according to the prescribed procedure.

Form – Notification on preparation of technical regulation (59 kB, MS Word)
Guidance on completing the form


The Contact Point makes available information on the technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures that have been notified by other EU and WTO/TBT Member States and that might present barriers to international trade. 


Information on foreign notifications prepared by the SIST Contact Point:



Information on foreign notifications in a slightly different form are also available to those interested on the EU Commission's Website, where they can subscribe to the news in individual sectors:




Notification Contact Point on the requirements for services has been operating in SISTsince 2013 on the basis of the Decree on notification procedure of the requirements for services (RS Official Gazette no. 80/10).


Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market (203 kB)  requires the EU Member States to officially notify the Commission of any new Acts or other administrative regulations that introduce new requirements for services, or of changes thereof, together with the reasons. The Commission shall communicate these provisions to the other Member States. The Commission shall, within three months of the receipt of an official notification at the latest, consider the compliance of any new requirements with the Community law, and adopt a decision requiring the Member State in question not to adopt the requirements or to eliminate them, as appropriate. The procedure is carried out via the Internal Market Information System (IMI).


In the notification procedure, the Contact Point receives notices from the competent authorities – national authorities and local government authorities who prepare draft regulations with requirements for services – and in agreement with the Ministry responsible for the economy, notifies the European Commission. The Contact Point shall also keep a list of the implemented Slovenian notifications and the notifications received from other Member States, which shall be published on its Website.



Requests for notification shall be sent to the Contact Point by the competent authorities using "Notification form A" or "Notification form B". In case A, the requirement applies to service providers based in Slovenia; in case B, it applies to cross-border service providers (in the case of identical requirements for both types of providers, only "Notification form B" needs to be completed).


"Notification form A": Official notification form on new requirements which apply to established service providers not falling within Article15(2) of the Services Directive (211 kB)


"Notification form B": Official notification form on new requirements under Article 16 of the Services Directive that a Member State intends to apply to cross-border service providers based in other Member States (215 kB)


Guidance on completing the forms


The SIST CP monitors the notifications on regulations of other Member States via the IMI system and sends them to the Ministry responsible for the economy and to the Ministry whose working area concerns the notified regulation. The Contact Point publishes this information on its Website.


Monthly list of foreign notifications on the requirements for services (122 kB)