Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo



Along with selling standards, the Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST) also provides various information services related to standards, such as:


SIST Verification

When did you last verify the validity of the standards you are using?
At SIST, we carry out for you a complete review of the standards you are using. Based on a list of documents sent to us we verify the validity of the documents and complete the list by adding all current changes, details of new valid documents, corrections, amendments, etc. We also provide to you all information on the novelties in preparation (e.g. new drafts).


SIST Novelties

Full control over publications of new standards!
Create your areas of interest and keep informed of novelties in standards! With a monthly updated list of published standards, you won't miss a thing. No matter where the standards come from, whether they are SIST, International ISO or IEC, or European EN Standards, or other national documents. You can extend informing to Slovenian legislation, and besides, the topic comprises a wide range of sectors: from quality, environment, construction, to safety of machines – entirely to your choice.
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SIST Profiles

What is going on "behind the scene" of standards?
Would you like to know what a standard in preparation will contain? Assure yourself access to draft standards in those areas of standardization not covered by a Slovenian TC, and monitor the development and contents of documents of your interest.


SIST Interpretation

Professional standards interpretation and guidance
Have you any additional questions regarding the application of standards? Contact SIST for clarification of any unclear points in the standard and leave the interpretation of standards to our experts.


SIST References

Reference to standards in regulations
Technical regulations published in the RS Official Gazette often make reference to standards. Choose the technical regulations covering your area of interest, and you will be receiving monthly information on standards to which the technical regulations make reference.


Harmonized Standards

The SIST Contact Point regularly updates the lists of harmonized standards published in the Official Journal of the European Union, and publishes the lists of harmonized standards for the needs of Ministries, thereby encouraging them to regularly publish them. In the context of this service, we inform you of all novelties in the area of harmonized standards.



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