General Terms of Operation of the Library

The SIST Library is registered as a special library. It is a dependent library operating within the framework of Slovenian Institute for Standardization, and it does not perform library activities in terms of a public service.


SIST Library Materials

The SIST Library materials comprise mostly materials in the area of standardization:

  • book material (dictionaries, manuals, books, brochures, older standards catalogs from standardization organizations ...);
  • serial publications (standardization organizations' magazines, annual reports ...),
  • electronic publications, and
  • standards (SIST, ISO, IEC, EN, DIN, BS, JUS).



Opening hours and visits to the Library

The Library is intended for use by both the SIST employees and external users.

The Library is open for external users every Wednesday between 8 and 12 AM. Visits to the Library should be announced in advance by e-mail to:, as direct preparation of materials is not possible due to the location of the Standards Library and the organization of work.

The Library Reading Room is located in the premises of the Slovenian Institute for Standardization, Šmartinska cesta 152, 1000 Ljubljana, first floor (map of location). 


Lending of and access to library materials

The lent-out library materials may only be used in the Reading Room. Home lending is not allowed.


Code of Conduct in the Reading Room

It is not allowed to take photos of, photocopy or digitalize in any way the contents of standards.
The contents of standards may only be read, transcribed or copied by hand.

Order must be maintained in the Reading Room. Abusive behavior is not allowed, especially not:

  • speaking too loud or shouting,
  • disturbing other users, e.g. by using mobile phone,
  • eating and drinking, except drinks from vending machine (e.g. coffee, water …),
  • damaging materials, equipment and premises.



Keeping records of visits to the SIST Library

The SIST Library collects, retains and processes personal data of the users in compliance with the Libraries Act. They collect personal data for the needs of their work and in order to insure the materials. The data are collected in order to be processed for historical, statistical and scientific research purposes.

To the user, the Library guarantees protection and confidentiality of the personal data given to the Library during the visit. The Library will not transfer personal data to third parties.