SIST Committee on Consumer Policy

SIST Committee on Consumer Policy was established to enable members to entail integration of consumers’ interests into the standardization work, which is only possible through the appropriate technical working bodies. The core tasks of the SIST Committee on Consumer Policy are:

  • providing guidance to SIST technical committees on development of national (SIST), international (ISO, IEC) and European standards (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI),
  • transferring national positions to the international (ISO/COPOLCO) and European level (ANEC) and vice versa (international cooperation),
  • training of consumer representatives for the cooperation in the development of  national, international and European standards,
  • cooperation in defining national positions on individual standards from the consumers’ viewpoint and influence on voting.  

The SIST Committee on Consumer Policy follows the priorities of ANEC (European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation) and ISO/COPOLCO (Committee on consumer policy at ISO) and performs the work on basis of the guidelines of the two bodies.

The SIST Committee on Consumer Policy gathers represenatives of the Consumers association of the Gorenjska region, The Slovenian Consumers' Association, Union of Consumer associations of Slovenia, Consumers from Zasavje, the Ministry of economic development and technology, Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of health, Division of safety and health quality of food, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

On June 8, 2011 the committee endorsed the national work programme for the period 2011 to 2016 and agreed to cooperate with ISO/COPOLCO as a full member. The SIST Committee on Consumer Policy focuses mainly on the following topics:

  • Food safety and protection of consumers against misleading information
  • Services (financial, tourism, health informatics, drinking water supply, etc.),
  • Product safety (children's equipment, toys, household appliances, cosmetics, electric vehicles, building safety),
  • Environment (climate change),
  • Smart grids,
  • Products, services and the environment for the elderly and persons with disabilities,
  • Innovative areas (nanotechnology),
  • Transport - safe road traffic management systems,
  • Energy,
  • Fire safety,
  • Health Informatics,
  • Graphical symbols (ISO 7001, ISO 7010),
  • Disaster response and recovery (social security),
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Members of SIST Committee on Consumer Policy meet once per year, the rest of communication is carried out by correspondence.

During the public enquiry period consumers can access standard proposals free of charge through SIST’s website and submit their comments on standard proposals.


2018 Report of the SIST Committee on Consumer Policy in the implementation of the national consumer safety programme (.pdf, 121 kB)