SIST report on encouraging MSE participation in standardization and use of standards Copy


SIST established a special Committee for micro and small enterprises. The committee members carried out the following tasks during the reporting period:

  • followed the latest development in technology
  • provided free information
  • published abstracts of new Slovenian standards in national language
  • cooperated with both technical boards in the fields of special interest to SMEs
  • cooperated in providing national points/standpoints/opinion on standards from the SME perspective
  • distributed different messages and spread SME-relevant information
  • SME experts (representatives of SME) cooperated actively with the SBS


Seminars and promotion of benefits from SMEs cooperation in standardization and use of standards

SIST is well aware of the importance of SMEs for Slovenian economy and sees great potential in a more proactive involvement of SMEs in standardization. The fact that SMEs are generally under-represented in standardization processes and rarely use standards in their business encouraged SIST to organize free seminars on standardization for SMEs representatives.


Activities of SIST Contact Point for SMEs

  • SIST Contact Point for SMEs offers free information to interested SMEs about published standards and regulations and other requirements SMEs need to fulfil in order to be able to market products or services that are of required quality and safe.
  • During the reporting period SIST Contact Point provided 119 replies to requests from Slovenian SMEs and also 10 replies to foreign SMEs. Most questions related to the existing standards, regulations and conformity assessment procedures.

SIST Website dedicated to SME

  • SIST also provides special pages dedicated to SMEs where all interested entrepreneurs can find information about standards and the possibilities of their involvement in the standardization processes. The pages include the information about national and European examples of good standardization practices, SME publications, different monthly updates, SME Newsletters, SBS news, Guidelines in national language, etc.
  • SMEs can also access the SME toolbox and SME toolkit.


The Revised User Guide to the SME Definition

Information about new work item proposals

SIST website offers free access to draft standards under public enquiry (SIST / e-portal / e-public enquiry) where all persons interested can submit their comments on relevant documents.


Free access to abstracts of new standards

SIST ensures free access to abstracts of new standards (both in English and Slovenian) on a monthly basis.

International projects for SME

  • Cooperation of SIST and the CEN/CLC SME WG
  • SIST and the e-Learning project
  • In June 2015, an interactive application was developed for SMEs. The aim of the project, co-financed by the EU, was to allow all SMEs interested to get acquainted with the field of standardization and encourage them to get more involved and use standards in their business. The application is also in line with the requirements of Regulation 1025/2012. This interactive educational e-tool allows SMEs to learn more about standard development processes and the benefits of their use. It is available in 23 languages, including Slovenian. The application can be accessed free of charge via the CEN-CENELEC website: SME Toolbox