SIST membership

Pursuant to Article 10 of the SIST Statute, any citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or any legal entity established under the law of the Republic of Slovenia and based in the Republic of Slovenia may become a member of SIST.
Membership of SIST is obtained by filing a written application ( 71 kB ), and commences on the date when SIST receives the signed application form together with a receipt of payment of the membership fee. The membership fee is paid on an annual basis in accordance with the rules for fixing the membership fee for individual year.
A member of SIST shall have the right to:
  • attend the Assembly meetings of and vote at them (in person or – in the case of a legal entity – by proxy),
  • take part in the work of SIST bodies,
  • take positions and initiate the implementation of assignments,
  • participate in elections of representatives into other bodies of SIST within the framework of the Assembly,
  • be elected as a representative into other bodies of SIST,
  • be regularly informed of the activities of SIST,
  • have influence on the decisions taken in the area of national standardization.
A member of SIST shall have the benefits of:
  • receiving free copies of the SIST newsletter,
  • allowance for the purchase of Slovenian standards,
  • allowance for certain SIST services,
  • allowance for registration fees for seminars and conferences organized by SIST,
  • receiving a copy of the SIST Annual Report.
A member of SIST shall:
  • observe the basic principles of standardization,
  • make available all information necessary for the work of SIST, all by respecting the legitimate interests of the members,
  • observe the Standardization Act, the Decision on Foundation, the Statute, and other internal regulations of SIST, as well as the decisions taken by the SIST bodies aiming at achieving the planned objectives as specified in the Statute,
  • pay the annual membership fee regularly.