List of national technical committees and contacts

General field of standardization

Abb. Technical Committee Technical secretary e-mail
AGO Refuse derived fuel Mag. Lampič Mojca
AGR Aggregates Mag. Kiralj Edita
AKU Acoustics Mag. Kiralj Edita
BBB Concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete Mag. Kiralj Edita
CAA Mineral binders and masonry Mag. Kiralj Edita
CES Roads Mag. Kiralj Edita
DPL Gas supply Ražem Lučovnik Neva
DTN Lift and transport appliances Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
EPO Packaging - sales and grouped Ražem Lučovnik Neva
GRT Graphical technology Mag. Lampič Mojca
KAT Soil quality Ražem Lučovnik Neva
KAV Water quality Ražem Lučovnik Neva
KAZ Air quality Ražem Lučovnik Neva
KDS Cosmetics, chemical disinfectants and surface active agents Ražem Lučovnik Neva
KON Structures Mag. Kiralj Edita
KŽP Agricultural food products Mag. Kiralj Edita
LLZ Wood, wood-based products and wood preservation Mag. Kiralj Edita
NAD Petroleum products, lubricants and related products Mag. Lampič Mojca
NES Dangerous substances Ražem Lučovnik Neva
OCE Road equipment Mag. Kiralj Edita
OGS Heating for buildings Ražem Lučovnik Neva
OTR Child use and care article Ražem Lučovnik Neva
OVP Personal protecting equipment Mag. Kiralj Edita
OVT Care labelling of textiles Mag. Lampič Mojca
PKG Testing of metallic materials Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
PLN Gas appliances for domestic use Ražem Lučovnik Neva
POH Furniture Ražem Lučovnik Neva
POZ Fire safety Mag. Kiralj Edita
PPV Secure storage units and door locks Mag. Kiralj Edita
SPO Sports Mag. Kiralj Edita
STV Glass, light and lighting in building Mag. Kiralj Edita
TGO Sustainability of construction works Mag. Kiralj Edita
TLP Pressure vessels Ražem Lučovnik Neva
TOP Thermal insulation Mag. Kiralj Edita
TRS Technical drawings, quantities, units, symbols and graphical symbols Mag. Lampič Mojca
UGA Conformity assessment Mag. Lampič Mojca
UZO Environmental management Klofutar Vesna
VAZ Healthcare Mag. Kiralj Edita
VLA Water proofing Mag. Kiralj Edita
VPK Pulp, paper, board and products Mag. Kiralj Edita
VSN Safety of machinery Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
VZK Quality management and quality assurance Mag. Lampič Mojca


Electrotechnical field, IT and telecommunications


Abb. Technical Committee Technical secretary e-mail
AVM Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
CEV Electrical passenger and transport road vehicles  Opaškar Gorazd
DPN Live Working Opaškar Gorazd
EAL Alarm systems Opaškar Gorazd
EDO Documentation and graphical symbols Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
ELI Electrical and communication installations Opaškar Gorazd

Electromagnetic compatibility

Opaškar Gorazd

Electrical accessories

Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana

Rotating machinery

Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
ETR Power transformers Opaškar Gorazd
EVA Fuses Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
EXP Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
FGA Consumer information related to household electrical appliances Opaškar Gorazd
GIG Geographic information Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
I16 ETSI Technical Committee Korošec Mateja
IDT Informatics, documentation and general terminology Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
ITC Information technology Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
ITPD Fluids for electrotechnical applications Opaškar Gorazd
IZL Insulators Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
MEE Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control Opaškar Gorazd
MOC Mobile Communications Korošec Mateja
MOV Measuring equipment for electromagnetic quantities Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
NTF Electricity energy supply systems Opaškar Gorazd
NVV Overhead lines and overhead electrical conductors Mag. Krašovec Vrhovec Ana
POD Surge aresters Opaškar Gorazd
PSE Process systems in energy sector Opaškar Gorazd
PVS Solar photovoltaic energy systems Opaškar Gorazd
SKA Switchgear and control gear Korošec Mateja
SPN Services and Protocols for Networks Korošec Mateja
STZ Lightning protection Opaškar Gorazd
TRM Terminology Klofutar Vesna
VGA Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Opaškar Gorazd
ŽEN Electrical applications for railways Klofutar Vesna